Thursday, July 14, 2016

This Week: Courses That Can Help You Earn More

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Recommended Online Courses

Improve your knowledge, skills and earning ability with these online courses. All courses are taught by professionals and come with diploma certificates. Choose a course below and register easily online.

Fast Track Business Entrepreneurs Course

By taking this course you will learn the most cost-effective and efficient way to develop and test your business idea, regardless of whether it is an entirely new business or a new division for your existing business. Fee: N1,999 only

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Learn Photoshop

Learn to master the skills of image editing and take your images to a new level. The course aims to equip you with the skills and knowledge to enhance and retouch images at a professional standard and add another layer to your skill set as a digital media professional. Pay online with ease at only N1,999 (51% discount)

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Diploma in Graphics Design & the Adobe Creative Suite

Graphic design is a very exciting area, you are often working with cutting edge technology, using your creativity and also having fun while doing it. This course will provide you with the necessary real world applicable skills and knowledge to enhance and promote you or your potential client's brand, ideas or message.Partake in 10 interactive lessons over a period of 4 weeks by highly experienced professionals. Course fee is only N1,999 (51% discount)

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Diploma in Web Design

In this course we will discuss the skills and knowledge required to begin designing webpages. You will be introduced to the languages used on the internet, how they came to be and how they continually develop. This course will primarily focus on the process of designing a website. There will be a heavy focus on Responsive Design and how this effects your creations.

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Foundation of Mobile App Development

The introduction to Mobile App development course aims to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your own Mobile Applications. Mobile apps dominate the mobile web with 86% of time spend using web apps as opposed to 14% on traditional browsers and this course focuses on the practical application of the technologies used to in Mobile App development.

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Foundation Diploma in Excel

Excel knowledge is very important in gaining employment or advancing in finance, administrative, engineering, operation and othere numerous related roles. This course will give you excellent foundation and skills in using Microsoft Excel for all sorts of work purposes. Join now at a heavy discount for N1,999 only

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Digital Marketing Course

Learn to maximise the opportunities in social metworks for effective promotion of your company's brand and business. The course contains 10 modules that will teach you all the rudiments to becoming a great digital marketer. Don't miss this course if you have interest in digital marketing. Costs only N1,999 if you register now.

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Social Media Marketing for Business

Social media has become one of the dominant forms of communication in the digital space, drastically altering the traditional relationship between a consumer and a business. Learn how to explore social networks for business gain. This course will teach you skills in growing the online followership and drive more sales for your company.

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Diploma in Blogging and Content Writing

Blogs have become a big thing for businesses and for individuals as well. In Nigeria blogs like Bellanaija, Ynaija etc are all big brands started by an individual. This course is the best and cheapest way you can learn how to start and grow a blog whether for your personal business or for a company you work with. Join now and learn a way to earn extra income

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Digital Marketing 101

This course is designed to help you tackle the challenges associated with exploiting a target market in a cost effective and effective approach using digital marketing methods.

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Digital Photography

Begin your photographic journey by equipping yourself with essential skills and knowledge needed to be a proficient and creative digital photographer. Digital photography has evolved at an unpresented rate over the last 10 years and the technology has evolved and developed with it.

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